Installation of LoadRunner/Diagnostics for j2ee app server testing

I need to configure and install LoadRunner and Diagnostics for J2EE. The develpment department wants to test on webservers, how many users can be running concurrently and see how much load the systems can handle.
Can anyone tell me how to configure the LoadRunner and Diagnostic sertup and what needs to be installed on the web servers to get performance data and diagnostics information for j2ee ?
I have reserved one server for LoadRunner controller/load generator and another one for the Diagnostics server.
Then from reading the diagnostics manual I believe I need to install a Java probe on the webserver that will be tested.
  • You dont need to have diagnostics installed to check the system resources.

    Diagnostics is only good when you want to check your application code.

    But if you want to go with diagnostic server then you need to install J2EE/.NET addin on controller, java probe on the app servers.
  • Thanks for the info.
    So, are you saying I install J2EE/.NET addin on the Diagnostic server or LoadRunner controller ?

    The programmers want to check the code as well. So I think I need to find both eval sw for LoadRunner and Diagnostics and install them on 2 separate servers.
    I find it hard to figure out from the install manuals what is needed and where to start to put this together.
    Where do I start ?
    Install java probe on servers that I want diagnostic info from ?
    Install Loadrunner on one server
    Install Diagnostics on one server
    and then how do I connect the diagprobe to the two above ?
    Do I need anything else installed to test web app server performance and get diagnostic info for j2ee ?
  • You need j2ee/.net addin on controller.

    Yes, you need to install java probes on the application servers you want to monitor. Follow the steps in diagnostics manual.

    Install Diagnostics server on seperate machine, controller on seperate machine, and probes on app servers. Then check if you can see probes in diagnostics server after installation.

    Remember license for probes goes with JVM, so lets say you have 2 JVMS on single core then you need 2 java probe license if you want to monitor 2 JVMs.

    Once all connections are made, enter the Diagnostics host info on controller machine and you should be good to go.
  • OK, so I need j2ee/.net addin on controller, I can see an eval download for Diagnostics profiler for both j2ee and .net, but no Diagnostic server/controller or what you call the "addin for controller".
    Do you have any idea if there is a download for the Diagnostics server, and is the addin same as the "profiler for j2ee" ?
    What do you mean by controller ? LoadRunner or Diagnostics ?
  • to get an eval of HP Diagnostics and the license for the add-on/plugin for LR you need to contact HP, the last time I checked there was not a down loadable evaluation version of Diags.

    also, be warned that diagnostics is a pig resource wise. it can really tank the performance of the Application under test as well as requires a fairly beefy server for the diagnostics server itself if you are monitoring many classes in the application.

    we currently have a diagnostics server here and we moved it to a sun V440 from a 280R as once we had started monitoring a large number of classes the 280r would lose contact with the probes.