Loadrunner - Multiple protocols needed, but incompatible?

I am trying to test out the viability of scripting a product with Loadrunner
I ran the Protocol Advisor and it says Ajax(Click and Script) and Web(HTTP/HTML) were detected.
However, if i try to create a new multiple protocol script, the software tells me that the two protocols are incompatible and I can't use them both.
I suspect the login page for the product is the Web protocol and then after choosing an option, the AJAX comes into play.

Are you able to designate protocols by actions? For instance, use Web when logging into the server and then AJAX for the rest of the application? I'm not sure how i can work around this since users will always have to login first.

Thanks for any help - new to this.
  • don't need to use both protocol. for your web site that implements ajax.

    You should be able to capture all of the web and ajax calls with either the click$script and web protocal. The Ajax protocol is kind of an extension of the web protocol. you are able to record using different levels. Just play with the recording settings. both ajax and web protocols should be able to capture the login and ajax calls.