Performance Center 8.1 Installation Issue

I installed PC 8.1, and I could connect DB server (SQL), file server. When I naviagate to Projects Link page, I could able to create a project but I could not able to upload the Vugen script. Upload Script option is not available in the page.
Can anyone of you faced the similar kind of issue? Please help me out to resolve this issue.
Please find the attached screenshot for more details.
  • You need to login to the loadtest site to upload your files to your project. Example: http://PCserver/loadtest There you will be able to select the project you want and under Project there will be a selection "Vuser Scripts", select that and you will be able to import your scripts. However, you must save your scripts to ZIP in Vugen to be able to upload them to your project.

    Or, in Vugen, you could upload your scripts directly into your project. Open your script and go to the menu bar and select Tools-->Performance Center Connection. Put in the URL to the loadtest site, for example http://PCserver/loadtest, and enter your username and password to connect to PC. Once that is done perform a "Save As" and the dialog will come up with your projects. Select the project that you want to save the script to and press OK. That will save the file to PC. After that if you want to save a script locally while you are connected to PC press the "Select from file system" button and you will get the normal Save dialog.

  • Hi Alan...
    Thanks for your fast reply...
    Actually I could able to login to http://PCServer/admin site but if I provide http://PCServer/loadtest, I am getting you are not authorized to view this page error.
    Can I upload scripts in Admin page itself or do i need to access the /loadtest URL.
    Help me....
  • You need to use the loadtest site. You should be able to log into the loadtest site with the admin user or you can create a new user from the admin site that has access to the specific project. What user are you using to log into loadtest? Does the loadtest login page display properly? I did have an issue back when I installed 8.1 in that the loadtest site did not get created in IIS. If you cannot bring up the loadtest login page check IIS to make sure that loadtest exists.
  • Thanks Alan..
    In my user site server's IIS, I see LoadTest is created, but I am not able to access the webpage ie)http:///LoadTest, I am getting Page cannot be found error, Then I went to IIS and checked, there under Name column, Include folder was there with the path "C:\Program Files\Mercury\Performance Center\WWWInclude". But I manually navigated to that location, I did not find that folder exists.
    Do I need to reinstall the Usersite server or anyother alternative option is there?
    Please help me.
  • In the IIS Manager under Web Sites-->Default Web Site there should be the following entries: Admin, LoadTest, and PCWS. If LoadTest does not exist do this: Log into the admin site, Select "Server Configuration" from the System Configuration section and press the Reset button at the bottom of the page. You should get a pop up stating what the reset does and one of those is to re-install the user site. Press OK and this should install LoadTest into IIS. Let me know how that works.

  • Alan...
    I did reset, but I got object terminated error. I manually expanded the ( ) button in Default Site -> Load Test, I am getting an error "Path does not exist". Both the screenshots are attached for youe kind perusal.
    Please advise.
  • To continue with the above message...
    I did not see "PCWS" directory in Usersite server' IIS and Admin site server's IIS.
    Where it would be present?
    Thanks for your great help...

  • Verified Answer

    I am not sure how you broke down your servers when you installed PC. I installed all of mine on one machine so I have not had any of the issues that some have when installing to different machines. You may just have a bad install. The system here was hosed when I was hired and I had to remove 8.0 and re-install. You may just need to re-install. I have had plenty of practice with each upgrade, now at 9.5.
  • Hi Alan,
    I just reinstall Usersite server and checked in IIS, the website LoadTest was not created in the IIS machine, but When I did a reset in Server Configuration Page, the Virtual Directory LoadTest was created and I could launch the LoadTest URL now.

    Thanks very much for your great support.