Dll Loadng Problem

Dear All

While I am trying to load an external dll, I am getting the following error:
Virtual User Script started
Starting action vuser_init.
vuser_init.c(6): Error: C interpreter run time error: vuser_init.c (6): Error -- File error : LoadLibrary(rtd.dll) failed : The specified module could not be found.
vuser_init.c(6): Notify: CCI trace: vuser_init.c(6): ci_load_dll(0x003bd488, 0x0101013b "rtd.dll")
vuser_init.c(6): Notify: CCI trace: Compiled_code(0): vuser_init()
vuser_init.c(8): IRetVal is : 11
Ending action vuser_init.
Running Vuser...
Starting iteration 1.
Starting action Action.
Ending action Action.
Ending iteration 1.
Ending Vuser...
Starting action vuser_end.
Ending action vuser_end.
Vuser Terminated.

I tried to load in different approaches : locally,Globally and adding a file to script.

Also when I use depends.exe as suggested in this forum for the same issue, I am getting the error related to VM.DLL ( related to antivirus software ).Please find the attached log for more info from dependency walker on the same.

As our corporate prolicy does not allow to deactivate the antivirus if VM.DLL is related to antivirus software and am not sure on this whether the dll is related to antivirus, can any body help me in this please.