Dialog box does not go away

I recently upgraded VuGen to 9.52 but also encountered this error in 9.1.

I'm in VuGen and connected to Performance Center.

I download a script fine in VuGen. If I move any other window on my desktop, the "Downloading files - Downloading files from Performance Center..." dialog box pops up and will never go away unless I close VuGen and reopen it.

Anyone else encounter this? Any known solutions?
  • Make sure your local system, where Vugen is installed, has enough RAM and it is not running at 100% CPU utilized... Monitor your server performance when you start vugen and start downlaoding the script.

    This usually happens when the server is out of memory, CPU is 100% used, or disk is full.

    Other than that, uninstall and install VUGEN again on same or different server...
  • Well, this is a fresh install of 9.52 after uninstalling 9.1. My local computer resources are fine, as well as the server that Performance Center runs on.

    It's odd because if I reposition ANY application's window the dialog box for downloading a script in Performance Center pops up and won't go away until I close VuGen.