Database connect error

Using LoadRunner to record Oracle eBusiness app for script use in BAC. Manual login works fine. Recording appears to work fine. Playback fails every time. During recording found that error message in script comment appears that says: /* Request with GET method to URL "/java/awt/KeyboardFocusManager.class" failed during recording. Server response : 403*/ LOG REVEALS: Action.c(253): Popup message: stop - Cannot complete applications logon. You may have entered an invalid applications password, or there may have been a database connect error. Verified password is good. Spoke with our Oracle database people who recommended I contact HP. Any recommendations on how to solve this? Attempted in LR 9.0, 9.1 and 9.5. Need to focus on 9.0 and possibly 9.1.The 9.5 script did not seem to open in our version of BAC.