How to capture server response

Hi guys,
i am working on web(http/html) i am searching result grid based on the condition like, search by ascending or descending or >10(value).

so that it will display the orders based on that, but script not displaying values based on the search.I found the search results in server response from tree view.

please help me, how to capture the search results to reply log.
provide some scrip lines to display the results in reply log.
  • Hi Prasanna,

    If you want to capture Server side response or value you need to place web_reg_save_param("Parameter","LB=", "RB=", LAST); correlation Code.

    Put this code just before the request or page where your response gets generated and as soon as request or page gets completed then put lr_output_message("Parameter = %s", lr_eval_string("{Parameter}")); this code will display the captured response of value.

    Good luck.