LR 11 vs. LR 5.2

Hi there,

I am thinking about upgrade to LR 11.

If you move to LR 11 could you please hsare pors and cons with me.

What is the difference between LR 11 and 11.01? Is it make sence to update to LR 11.01?

Did all old scripts and results converted ok?
Is new functionality better?

Thank you for all inputs.
  • lr 11 has following new features

    â ¢Data Format Extension (DFE) - Enhanced data format capabilities for the Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol family. Allows converting raw HTTP traffic into a maintainable and structured XML format and enables correlations by XPATH.
    â ¢Correlation Studio - Web (HTTP/HTML) automatic correlation mechanism has been enhanced to search for possible correlations in the larger scope of snapshot data created during code generation including data formatted by DFE.
    â ¢Snapshot View - New snapshot view for Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol steps allows viewing complete HTTP traffic in both raw and DFE generated formats.
    â ¢VuGen - HP ALM Integration - Enhanced integration with HP Application Lifecycle Management platform that serves also Quality Center and Performance Center editions.
    â ¢Windows Support - Added support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
    â ¢Analysis Reports - Enhanced Analysis reports are more customizable. Analysis data can be exported to a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML. New report templates allow saving report definitions and generating reports based on a template.
    Also advance features in some of the protocol