Trueclient error: "APIError: File_Not_Found undefined" in Performance Center 12.02



I have devloped Trueclient Firefox script which works fine in vugen in both interactive and load mode. Hiowever in Performance center I am gettign intermittent issues as given below:

APIError: File_Not_Found
While calling handlers in RuleEngine dispatch, event=[Event type="step/errorSnapshot" target="5.4: Click on Submit button"], handler=
function (e) {
"use strict";

} Snapshot Info [MSH 12 0] [MsgId: MERR-205177] [MsgId: MERR-205177]

The same submit transaction works fine in many other iterations. Also test in PC  with 1Vuser completed successfully without any error.

Note: Vugen & PC version is 12.02

Could anyone please help on this.



  • Hi,

    The issue got resolved partially and I am not getting object not found error any more.

    The page I was scripting behaves in such a way that it opens the last accessed page in previous login. so while running script, for second iteration of same userID, the page opens with the search result from last access instead of search page.
    Recorded clear search criteria before logout helped in solving the issue. However still 500 error for login persist and identified issues with single sign on.