CacheEnabler query

We want to enable cache for TruClient IE users to get real user performance experience.
HP have advised us to install:

1.From <Installation folder\bin > run HPETruClientIECacheEnabler.exe

I checked the bin folder but cannot see this .exe file

So apparently we need to have patch 3 installed in order to get the installer file for Cache Enabler. We currently have:  

HP Performance Center 12.50 , Build 12.50.1178.0, 2/28/2016 5:23:11 AM


So I opened a case to see where I can download patch 3. But I am a bit confused.

Do I need to install the patch on all my Load Generator servers? Or just the Tru Client ones?

Is the same patch installed on my Performance Center server? Does the ALM server component need to be patched?