Edit TruWeb Runtime Settings in Performance Center


I am trying to run an escenario with TruWeb scripts in Performance Center 12.61 and I am not able edit the runtime settings of the script in the scenario. "Edit runtime settings" button  seems to be disabled with the TruWeb Script Type while Java User or "Web - HTTP/HTML" is enabled.

I want to edit Think Time and pacing and this options are not in the  rts.yml file of the TruWeb script. I ran a fast test of the scenario and it seems that the scenario has default runtime settings of Think Time or Pacing.

¿Is there any way to set upThink Time or pacing in the runtime settings of the scenario?





  • Hello  ,

    I apologize for the late reply.

    In 12.61 TruWeb is still in technical preview and some capabilities are missing.

    In later versions you may edit the pacing between iterations.

    As for think time, there is no way to control it from runtime settings yet.

    As for think time you can either receive it as a parameter to control externally, or use command line arguments to be controlled more dynamically - per execution.

    Hope that helps,