Correlation issue on Performance center 12.50


I have an issue when I launch my script on performance center 12.50. I have the error "Action.c(213): Error -35060: No matches were found for the specified query: "$.contactIntervention.coordonneesHierarchique.nni""

On Vugen 12.55, everything work well.  The correlation parameter is :

/*Correlation comment - Do not change!  Original value='XXXX' Name ='nni' Type ='ResponseBased'*/

On this request : 



Do you have any idea why is working on vugen and not on perf center ? 




  • Hello Michael,

    Regarding your question,

    I was checking all the information and it seems like you have Performance Center 12.50, and your script was created over Vugen 12. 55. 

    We strongly recommended that always use the same versions for everything (Performance Center and Vugen) because you can get this kind of issues, and the support team will ask you to upgrade your environment to the same versions. 

    I hope this information works for you.