(PC) Support Tip: How to configure a LG machine Over Firewall

The next steps are in order to configure a Load Generator Over Firewall, for more information you can go to the Performance Center Installation Guide.

Performance Center OFW configuration


  1. MI Listener (it could be any host or SA LG located on same network side as controllers)
  2. SA LG

Steps on PC environment

  1. Create an Over Firewall Location. Go to Lab Management>Lab Resources>Locations

Steps on MI Listener

  1. Just double check that Agent is running as service or process.
  2. Add MI Listener Machine. Go to Lab Management>Performance Center>MI Listeners. You should NOT configure OFW for this agent, keep the firewall check clean

 Steps on SA LG

  1. Enable Firewall Agent.Go to Start>Programs>HP Software>HP LoadRunner>Advanced Settings>Agent configuration
  2. Click on Settings and open the dialog 


MI_Listener name: is the hostname or IP Address of the MI_Listener machine.

Local Machine key: is the alias or SA LG added over firewall. It could be any name.For PC it could have the “_” Location name as suffix.

Connection Timeout: is the hearthbeat from MIL to LGs. Default time 20 seconds is fine. Then:

  1. Press OK to save changes. Agent will be restarted
  2. If connection succeeds, you should see activity on MIL agent log. It means that MIListener machine is detecting LG_OFW every 20 seconds
  3. Adding LG to Performance Center, some important things.
  • For the LG name just use the alias without location suffix.
  • Select Location name that matches the alias name.
  • Select the MIL machine
  • Run System Health Check

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