(PC) Support tip: McAfee VirusScan may cause IIS to recycle

When McAfee virus scan 8.8 patch 4 version is install in Performance Center server, this may cause the IIS recyple and the PC environment can run into issues.

The recommendation is,  install patch 5 or latest from McAfee in the Performance Center environment machines or you can create rules as Low-risk-profile for the IIS directories . You can find more infortmation in the following links:



HPE Support
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  • Hello,

    This sounds interesting.  Will you share what are the symptoms on PC side?

    How can we confirm we are having such as issue working from PC? Error message for example?



  • Hi Ivo,

    I do not have the exact error messages but this can cause issues with the PC server and  failres during the test, and other issues on the PC environment, so we can check from the Event viewer logs if the IIS is being re-started, also according to R&D you can see from the Debug logs in the PC server that the ID for the w3wp process has changed.