(PC) Support Tip: Troubleshooting problems when adding a PC Server in ALM

Here are a few simple things to check if you are not able to add your PC Server in Lab Management:


  • Check if the following web service can be accessed from the ALM Server:
  • It is not necessary to be able to ping the PC Server from the ALM Server, but there should be telnet connection from the ALM Server to the PC Server on port 80
  • The PC Server and the ALM Server machines need to be in the same local area network (LAN)
  • Check if the PC Server name (the machine name, the one configured in IIS) resolves to the same IP address used when adding the PC Server
  • Check if UAC (User Account Control) and Windows firewall are disabled on both machines
  • Check if the PC User (IUSR_METRO by default) exists in the Administrators group on the PC Server machine
  • Check IIS settings by trying to browse the My Performance Center page (the LoadTest site) in IIS Manager on the PC Server machine – if it opens successfully, the IIS settings are correct
  • Check Application Pools in IIS Manager – the identity of LoadTestAppPool and PCQCWSAppPool should be the PC User (IUSR_METRO by default)
  • If there is a problem with the IIS settings, use PC Server Configuration Wizard to reconfigure the server – it would fix the IIS settings, but it has to be run with the right-click option “Run as Administrator”