Shunra NV for HP Performance Center - Support Tip: Getting started on Licensing Shunra

After installation has taken place on each component (Shunra NV for PC Server, Controller and Load Generator), you need a license that will allow you to run Emulated Network Tests through Performance Center.


For this you need to specify a machine that will manage all centralized Shunra Licenses, it is highly suggested that a PC Server is used.

 ** NOTE: The software installed via the Shunra NV for PC Server will install the License Server component automatically and no additional software is needed. You can also specify a separate machine and install the License Server component by itself if desired (steps can be found in the installation media documentation).


When requesting a license via Support Case with the Licensing Department, you will need to provide the .c2v file from the chosen License Server so that a .v2c License file can be generated. Once applied all Load Test components need to be configured to automatically check out the license from the centralized server.


For detailed steps please check the full "Licensing Process" article here! It shows how to get the .c2v file and how to configure components for automatic check-out.