Script is getting passed when run in performance centre,but unable to see the changes in application

Hi all,

I came across the below scenario:

1. Initially ran a script with multiple iterations, all iterations got passed and able to see the changes in application{as per script}

2. Latter ran the same script with multiple users for 15mins of duration {4 iterations per user} all got passed as per HTML report. But unfortunately, unable to view the changes in application

Protocol used: Trueclient

FYI.. Verified with Perrformance center admin team, LG is good and no issues from this perspective.

Requesting all to please let me know what could be the reason. Thank you

  • Hi Madhu Kishore,

    This very much depends on your script and tested application.

    Is the script written in a way that when it passes the application must have been changed?

    Do you have verification steps to ensure changes were applied to the application?



  • Hi Kishore,

    Yes if the script pass for multiple iterations with proper verification points in True client can gives us idea that the script is working for a single user accurately.

    But for mutiple users it is different it need to support load on the servers it may be issue in the load of pages that cause the trouble of verification point issue and some times server CPU reaches 100% for Load generators which will cause Terminate the run. So need to scale up the users properly or scale up iterations accordingly in foot steps (step by step) way to findout the issue for multiple users.

    Hope this will help you to fix the issue.


    Surya Kosuri