Setup monitor over firewall for a test server in HP Performance Center

Hi, I am running my load test using HP Performance center.

Issue I am facing is, even though I am able to run the load test at volume, however I am not able see the runtime graphs (CPU, disk, etc.) since I am not able to add the test server in HPPC under the monitoring section (Test Resources -> Windows Resources). When I try to add the monitor (i.e. adding test server/IP to a monitoring profile, it fails to retrieve the counters with error message "failed to retrieve measurements".  The HPPC ALM, controller, LG machines are in domain ABC and Test servers (web & App) resides in domain XYZ.

At this moment I am thinking may be some issue with the credentials for domain XYZ (username: XYZ\pawan).

Do you think, its a matter or user account access not setup for domain XYZ or is this something we have to try something like monitor overall firewall (MOFW) as they are in different domains?  Note: I am able to run a load test at volume.

If MOFW is needed, Can you please advise what steps I need to take to get the test server added in HPPC. Currently, I am aware that I have Controller, Load generator and Performance Center available for load testing. Is there any other component required to get the server added in monitor profile in HPPC?