Can we import LR PC 9.52 Scenario to LR Standalong Controller?

Hi Experts,

I have problem running execution under Performance Center. And scenario is bit complex really dont want to build it again.

Is there any way if I can import Performance Center scenario to LR Controller?

Any help is really appericiated.

Ajay Kumar
  • Hi Madan,

    Thatâ s something HP must do about it.
    There are good chances that Performance Center scenario needs to be converted to standalone.

    I mean doing so would definetely add value to HP customers and to product as well.

    I remember some time PC doesnâ t really work when we build and schedule big complex long duration scenario's and that's where we decide to go with Standalone. And painful job is to replicate same complex scenario in standalone and it take whole lot of time. Instead building it again in controller if we would have simple way to get it converted and to make the scenario standalone compatible would have been great deal

    I hope you understand what I mean.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ajay Kumar