Does Web (HTTP/HTML) support Dojo Widgets for Script Development

Hi Experts,
I am trying to identify if Dojo widgets enabled application can be recorded with LR 11.0.3 Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol.
Can you please suggest me on following?
1. Generic application URL (site) which has Dojo widgets (AJAX calls) .
2. Does Web (Click & Script) protocol support Dojo Widgets application.
3. Is there any way (Snippet) which can help me make used of Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol for Dojo widgets (AJAX Calls)?
I have already raised a support ticket with HP on Web (HTTP/HTMLP) protocol supportability on dojo widgets enabled application. In response HP suggested to utilize AJAX Trueclient protocol. This is posing few constraints.
1. Project doesn’t have AJAX TrueClient licenses.
2. AJAX TrueClient is compatible with Mozilla, my application is not really built for Mozilla so would it be appropriate to test the application with a protocol which is only mozilla compatible.


Any suugested is truely appericiated.


Thank you.


Ajay Kumar

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