How to avoid results file corruption of a test run with diagnostics enabled


We have been experiencing this issue for a particular project with diagnostics enabled. We have tried adding LGs and have also confirmed that the Host resources were not maxed out at run time but it still occurs randomly. Is there a way to avoid this from happening? One workaround provided by HP Support is to perform the Analysis in LR Analysis and not in Performance Center. However, there is no guarantee that it will be successful since it will depend on whether the results files from the hosts are corrupted or not. 

Error: Analysis File Error:<xyz.eve.gzl>: was abnormally terminated

User Load: ~300

LGs: 4

Diagnostics: 5%

Duration: 4 and a half hours





  • Hi,

    Please provide the version of PC and Diagnosics you are using.

    If Diagnostics is NOT used during load testing, will everything work fine?

    If the workaround provided by HPE support is to collate the result manually and then open it in LR Analysis? If the result file is corrupted, even if you open the raw result in LR Analysis, it will also be failed. So please confirm if you collate the result manually,  is there any error when open it in LR Analysis?