Performance Center

I have a couple of questions regarding installing Performance center 9.50.

We currently use load runner ver 9.x standalone controller running on windows servr2003 and two load generators running on windows server2003 vm’s.

We have purchased performance center 9.50 so we can have a web base front end for our load testing environment. I'm in the process of writing a project definition to implement performance center 9.50 and need to ask a few questions.

I would like to use vm’s for most of the components for performance center, in the installation guide it calls for most of the components to be installed on windows server2003 32-bit servers, can I use 64 bit and windows server 2008? Also for the database server the install guide spec’s out a SQl Server 2005 sp2 or Oracle 10g, Can the database use a new version of SQL Server ? I’m trying to figured out what to use as a database since it will only have users,permissions, site config and run info on it and not the actual run results.

Any advice would be appreciated