Error when scheduling a test


Our Performance Center team get an error when they schedule a test.

They are running Performance Center 12.61


"Number of concurrent users for the run exceeds the reserved number"

Has anyone got a solution for this issue?



  • Hi ,

    I think you have to check your Lab Management settings. (http://<yourServer>[:<yourPort>]/qcbin/start_a.jsp?projectType=LabManagement). Under Lab Settings click Project Settings, select your (QC) project and check your Concurrent Run Limit.

    Depending the number of Concurrent Run Limit your team probably scheduled more tests then allowed.


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  • Thanks  


    Before I saw your post I told the team to reschedule their test for a different team. They agreed to doing that. This was yesterday and I haven't heard anything back from them so I'd say you are right when you said they have probably scheduled more tests for that particular time than they are allowed to.