Write data from a file and create a batch file in LoadRunner


I got this scenario and I want to check with you any opinion in order to create a better script.

I got the credentials to authenticate (more than 500 users) into a intranet webpage in a excel file. I must read this file, extract the username and create a batch file (it could be a .vbs file also) with a sentence to run a service with the username, not with the user I'm scripting which is actually an admin user. Once the service is running I can open the webpage and proceed with the authentication...

I was thinking to:

1. Read excel file.

2.Extract the username and password, create a .vbs file with the sentence to run the service, something like:

set oS= Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oS.Run "runas /profile /user:XXX\YYY  ""C:\Program Files\AAAs\Service.exe"""
oS.Sendkeys PASSWORD

where YYY is the username

3. Run this file

4. The service is running so I can launch the browser and authenticate, script continues...

I must repeat these steps for the 500 users...

Do you think is there any other better approach?