TimeSlots delete by another user


Is it possible to delete the timeslots reserved by some other user from the same domain and same project?

Domain A has 2 projects, Project1 and Project2.

Each project has 5 users, is it possible that Project 1, user1 has resereved the timeslot,  will the user2 of the same project can delete the timeslot?

The users are complaining that it is happening. So please advise whether it is possible or not. Thanks.

Also please suggest where and how to trace the log or evidence of the activites in DB and SiteAdmin or Lab Management. 

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    Yes it is possible, as far as I know it only depends on the level of access that each user has. Someone should have an admin role and define the neccesary access levels for each user. If as you say it is causing issues and users are complaining about, their roles should have some restrictions on that.

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  • Thanks for the reply.

    We are aware that admin previliges has rights to delete the reserved timeslots, but in that project non of the user have admin rights. 

    Actually found out that, if the User A and B in same domain and project then they can abort each other reserved timeslots. Thanks.