Load Generators temp/result files locations

Hi Experts,

We are facing an issue on cleaning these temp files (examples : lr5tmpdir21P.496 or brr_0ay.11) location on the host drive, its not consistent.

We found various locations in different hosts, locations are:

Some of the hosts in C:\Temp or C:\Tmp, 

Some of the hosts in C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\orchidtmp\TempFiles or LTLogger

some of the host in C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\Temp

Sometimes results will be stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\orchidtmp\Results

Please provide us how to setup the default location in hosts for run times files or result files location. As of now we have setup the Environment Variables for Temp. But result files are not storing there. Please help to make the clean up activity simpler by checking one location. Thanks.

  • Which software (PC, LR) and version are you using?

    In LR this is configurable from the controller UI.

    For PC, the ability to configure this was added in 12.53 (available also with 12.50 Patch 1 and 12.20 Patch 2).

    See - KM01891676 - How to configure the temp folder for LG.




  • Verified Answer

    Thank you for the reply.

    We are using Performance Center 12.01 version patch PC_00303.

    So need to apply this changes in all controllers:


    1. Log in to the Performance Center Host machine.
    2. Verify that the Wlrun.exe process is down.
    3. Open <installation folder>\config\Wlrun7.ini in a text editor.
    4. Add the line "UserRemoteTmpDir=<Custom temp location>" under the '[Host]' section
    5. Save the changes.
  • Just make sure you use the correct wlrun matching your version and patch level.

  • Hi

    I have found that where the results is stored also depends on the role of the Host. Conrollers and Loadgenerators use differnt places for the temp-files.

     It also dependes on if Performance Center Agent is running as a Sevice or as a logged in user.

    As said above from PC 12.53 this location is configurabable, but to avoid issues with the lengt of the paths to the temp-directories for scripts with long names, we have changed the default installation path to c:\PC-host.

  • Hi I am facing the similar issue in 12.50, can you please let me know the exact steps to follow. Error message is mentioned as below.

    Error: Mercury File Transfer: Request for C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\Temp\brr_EEH.928\netdir\C\Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\orchidtmp\Results\TEST_TestProject_18\Run_18\res18\log\p_multiprotocol_msword2013std_v0.1_