Is there any forum available to share the cases raised w.r.t problems with product version?

I understand that there are KB documentes available for certain cases which customer raised their issues as cases to service engineer. But most of them were not available to general tool users.

Its kind of suggestion, could you please seggergate the nature of problems without providing any customer information, make it availbe to common users just like this forum, so that we can see this and help ourselves. 

It will reduce the amount of time engaing with service engineers, and it will be quick help for the community too.


  • Hi Netinbala,

    Regarding to your question. Microfocus has public documents and KM's available for the customers but, there are other internal documents that are not available to the customer as they have, as you mentioned, private information of each customer and that can't be shared to the public.

    Also, these private documents which contains problems and solution are not known issues or typical issues. Those are for very specific environment and the processes or goals that each customer wants to accomplish.

    On our tool, even if the problem seems the same, it is almost imposible that the root cause is the same, so every problem is treated different and that is why cases with suppport should be raised.

    Even though, I will proceed to transfer this suggestion to the correct people to see if in a future this can be implemented.