Issues with the timeslots


I am running into some issue in PC 12.01 with reserving timeslots.

My test is setup for 2 hours duration but the timeslot picked up by default is only an hour long. Why doesn't it pick up at least 2 hours? Basically, user would expect timeslot start and end duration to be based on the scenario (test). Not something smaller than the actual scenario execution time

In addition, it says that "ALM cannot suggest a duration for this timeslot type" We need to understand what this means and how to set the correct timeslot type.


Environment/Tried and doneà

-PC and ALM 12.01

-Machine´s language and clock are the same in all components.

-Time slot we are reserving are available.

-Issue is happen with all projects and test set even setting up a different scenario duration.

-Reconfigure the host and try with different ones.

-System health show everything in green


Any suggestions? Is this a known issue in PC 12.01? is there any patch to fix it?