Will IdentityChanger be fixed in 12.x - it has a major flaw in 11.52

specifically - a user in the TDAdmin group of LabManagement does NOT HAVE PERMISSION to run the IdentityChanger. This is ridiculous. TDAdmin is supposed to be "god". So, at least in 11.52, you must create a customer group so you can enable running IdentityChanger.


In addtion:

1. There is ZERO documentation about the above limitation

2. It took HP support 3 MONTHS to identify this problem

3. The error you get in IdentiyChange is unhelpful (which I believe is why it took support 3 months! They kept insisting that it was a problem of the IUSR_METRO account not having full admin rights, which is ridiculous as well.

  • Hello Ronald,


    Thank you for your feedback.


    We are going to take that into consideration for a possible Enhancement Request.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience


  • Verified Answer

    Ron I already explained this to your customer. Also the error message was pretty obvious about the missing privilege which is what pointed us to look in this area. I already verfied this in 12.x and have confirmed that this has been fixed in 12.x version and the problem was evident only in 11.5x


    Agree that it shouldn't have taken this long to narrow down and we aplogize for the delay. Once the issue got to my attention, think we solved it in much shorter time. The error was a little misleading in the sense the engineer was more focussing on the IUSR_METRO permission than the ALM user. Nevertheless, I have already documented this and will make sure this info gets into a KB article so to have a reference for future



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