UNIX Resources. Cannot initialize

Hi Guys,


Even though My UNIX administrator started rstat daemon, I am still getting the below error.


 Monitor name: UNIX Resources. Cannot initialize the monitoring on Error while creating the RPC client. Ensure that the machine can be connected and that it runs the rstat daemon (use rpcinfo utility for this verification). Detailed error: RPC: Failed to create RPC client.

RPC-TCP: Failed to establish RPC server address.


Earlier I did the load testing on QA Environment at that time when my UNIX administrator started rstat daemon for the UNIX, it worked.


But now the environment is the Performance cluster. So when I am trying to add the UNIX resources as monitor, I am getting the above Issue.


My UNIX administrator performed all the steps explained in the Controller reference guide (Chapter 25)

 Does anybody encounter the same problem?


Please advise me!