Citrix protocol and HP-Performance Center v12.53 : mdrv process crash during execution

Hi All, 

We are working on Citrix protocol on AutoCAD application,scripts are occupying more memory because of more bitmaps. Though the test is taken in PC (HP-PC v12.53) with high configuration LGs, we are getting "mdrv process termination error" and we can see mdrv process crash in LGs. Error we are getting is "The remote host status is failed. Check the remote host machine is not crashed. [MsgId: MERR-29722]

Options tried:

1.LG agent running as process instead of service.

2.Restarting services before test (Data collector agent,Remote management agent,Performance center load testing service).

3.Clearing temp folder before every test.

4.allocation and deallocation memory is done (for variables used in scripts, custom c coding)


Could you please help us on this issue.