Citrix scripts: bitmap capture is blank

Hi folks,


have a Citrix Loadrunner / Perf Center test which is experiencing problems on ONE particular load generator (located in London). Bitmaps captured during the script run are blank. Screen caption change/recognition are ok, but the app I'm testing does not always change the caption so I look for changes to the bitmap. If it's blank, it never changes...  :-(    Same thing happens if running the script in VuGen or via Perf Center.


As noted above, problem onlly occur on this one generator in London. Copy the script to a different PC (I don't have another box in London - not for lack of trying....) & it works fine. So I think problem is that one PC. Have scoured event logs, but can't find any clues. No joy from HP support....


Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Version of PC is 8.1.4 (I know, I know....), but VuGen 9.1 gets the same problem.