Analysis 11.52: Difficulty Crossing Results of Multiple Test Runs

I am using Performance Center product version 11.52.444 (Patch 1) and Analysis11.52 (Build 5113) and having difficulty crossing results of multiple test runs. 


I am able to open a test result set and have succuessfully crossed the results of 4 test runs, but when I try to cross the results of 5 test runs, Analysis hangs  while displaying the message: Downloading files from HP ALM (see attachment).


I've tried multiple machines but encounter the same situation.  


Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.




  • Hi,

    So when choosing each of the results for cross results option in Analysis, are you connecting to ALM from Analysis and pulling the results from there? How about downloading all the results onto the local filesystem and choosing them from that location? Does it reproduce the behavior? Also I'd suggest using the latest Analysis build for that version which comes only with patch 3 for PC11.52.


    So if you are trying this on a standalone Analysis or a full PC Host machine by launching the Analysis application on it, please apply patch 3 and attempt the same again. Also I think this depends on the size of the results folders too that you are using for cross results option. If the size is too big for any of them or combined, then the default Access DB may have trouble handling it. In such case, you will need to configure Analysis tool to use a SQL Server DB and then attempt cross with results again



    HP Support