WebServices with Certificate

I had to attach a Certificate to connect to an application with webservices protocol.I have a web_service_call created for login.Dev team has provided me .jks file and i converted it to .pem file to use it in loadrunner.For some reason i'm getting a SOAP fault error.Here is the error.
Expected SOAP result, received SOAP fault

Failed to retrieve output arguments/checkpoints - SOAP fault occurred

Error: Web service call "validateLogin_101" execution failed.

Actually i'm attaching the certificate file in Scenario security section.Is there any other way to do it.Have anyone came across this like sitaution.
Thanks in Advance
  • Yes, you can use the Security Scenario Editor and provide all the advanced security settings required for your service. But, you need to select the appropriate one according to your service.

    If your service doesn't use advanced security settings, I would like to give a try with "Web Services Set Security" which is a legacy one. You may simply Add new step and select this option.