(PC) Support tip: In PC 12.53P4, replay throws error HTTP Status Code=407


In PC 12.53P4,web scripts that require to go through a proxy using PAC file throws proxy authentication failures when using remote load generators. So the test keeps throwing errors like:

Error - 27772: Server "proxy4.bro.glic.com" has shut connection during attempt to negotiate SSL Session
Error - 26624: HTTP Status Code=407 [Proxy Authentication required] for "AUT url"


We see this problem when someone tries to edit the proxy settings (like username/password fields) in the runtime settings section at the loadtest level. PC has a known limitation where the password does not get encrypted and gets sent in clear text when the loadtest RTS is edited. If the changes are made directly at the VuGen level before saving the script into PC, this should not be an issue

To get around the problem, apply the attached hotfix on all the PC Servers. Here are steps for applying the patch:

To Install:
1) Stop DataCollectionAgent service on the PC Server (since it uses HP.PC.Common.dll).
2) Copy the attached unzipped directory to the PC server installation folder. It should copy the files accordingly:
under <PC>\bin folder:

Under <PC>\PCS\bin folder:

Under <PC>\PCWEB\bin folder:

After this fix, the script should run fine from PC without any proxy failures

Fix RTS.zip