(PC) Support tip: Controller application sometimes fails on a host machine during scenario creation

This behavior is specific to PC12.53Patch4 host machine during the scenario configuration step. Same behavior may be noticed when running the test from PC using that same host

This could happen due to an incompatibility between the new wlrun.exe process that comes with the host installation for PC12.53P4 and the Network Virtualization module files that may already exist either from new install or from a previous setup.

To prevent the Controller failures, on all the PC12.53P4 host machines ensure to install NV12.53Patch1 files. See below for details on installing this update:

Performance Center 12.53 Patch 4 integrates with Network Virtualization (NV) 12.53 Patch 1.

After installing the Performance Center patch, the files for the NV update are added under <PC_server_or_host_Install_directory>\NV_Patch_Installers\NV12.53_patch1\.

Caution: Make sure that you upgrade all relevant Performance Center components to the same NV patch version.

 Standard NV patch installation:

  • To upgrade NV installed on the Performance Center Server, run NV4HPPCSetup.exe.
  • To upgrade NV for Controller or NV for Load Generator (installed with the Performance Center Host), run the following setup files:
  • NV4HControllerSetup.exe
  • NV4HPLGSetup.exe

Alternately, use the wlrun.exe file that comes with the base PC12.53GA version from the <PC Host>\bin folder. Either NV update to 12.53P1 or wlrun.exe from PC12.53GA version should help prevent the Controller crash