(PC) Support tip: PC 12.55 showing slowness in page response for edit loadtest and runscreen


In PC 12.55, when editing loadtests with large number of groups and also when navigating through various tabs in runscreen for a running loadtest, seeing general slowness in loading the pages. Problem shows up both with IE and Chrome browsers


This behavior is identified to be related to the auto-refresh functionality on the TestPlan page where it shows the loadtest summary. When autorefresh is turned ON and clicked on EditLoadTest, while the test is loading the groups and scheduler settings, each refresh sends a request to the start page which requires to loadup all the test details along with any GUI which may cause an overhead on the page response

To avoid any slowness for edit loadtest, turn the autorefresh OFF from the UI, refresh the test manually and then try to edit loadtest. This should load up much faster