Guidance for Upgrading Performanc​e Center 11 to Performanc​e Center 11.50 ( OR ) 11.52

Hi Experts/All,


Currently we are having Performance Center 11.




1) We have two PC application servers [ WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.

  1.1)   HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 SP3                      [ Software ]         

              ALM patch level: 13                                                                                 [ Software Patch ]

  1.2) HP Performance Center Server                                                           [ Software ]         

              HP Performance Center 11.00 Server Patch 07                           [ Software Patch ]

   1.3)  Shunra for HP Performance Center Product Version 5.41       [ Software ]


2) We have three PC Hosts( controllers ) [ WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.

  2.1)   HP Performance Center Host  Version         [ Software ]         

              HP Performance Center Host 11.0 Patch 7                  [ Software Patch ]

   2.2)   Shunra VE for HP LoadRunner Ver. 5.41                       [ Software ]  

   2.3)   LoadRunner and all its components are with :    [ Software ]


3) We have one site scope server [ WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.

   3.1)  HP MI Listener 11.0 version               [ Software ]  

   3.2)  HP SiteScope   version 11.0                                 [ Software ]  

   3.3) Sentinel RMS License Manager 8.3.0               [ Software ]


4) We have 30 Load Generators or Injectors of different OS and bit levels [ Windows 2003 32 bit/64 bit and windows 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.     

4.1)  HP Load Generator 11.0    version       [ Software ]        

          HP Load Generator 11.0 Patch 04                         [ Software Patch ]

4.2)  Shunra VE Desktop Client  version 5.41              [ Software ]


5) MS SQL 2008 Database Server and Repository server



We are planning to VERSION UPGRADE from Performance Center 11.00 to Performance Center 11.50.


Q1) Is Performance Center 11.50 the latest one OR do we have any new versions of Performance Center released after 11.50?

Q2) From the below URL, noticed that Performance Center 11.52 is released, how stable is performance center 11.52 compared to 11.50?

Q3) Are there any issues reported for 11.52 since it is a new release? Which is efficient patch # for 11.52?

Q4) Are there any unsolved issues reported for 11.50 since it was released? Which is efficient patch # for 11.50?

Q5) What are the additions and eliminations done in 11.52 w.r.t to 11.50?

Q6) What are the steps we have to follow for upgrading performance center 11 to (performance center 11.50/52)?

Q7) Did anyone face challenges while upgrading from PC 11.00 to [PC 11.50/52] ; is it documented anywhere by Vendor for reference ?

Q8) What are the pre-requisites ( database backup/admin access to repositories etc ) we have to follow before performing this version upgrade of PC 11 to 11.50/52?

Q9) Where from we have to download the new version software’s and patches ; will vendor provide appropriate software after studying our Infrastructure?

Q10) Will the Version upgrade from 11.00 to [ 11.50 OR 11.52 ] affect the ALM 11/ Performance Center/ Load Runner Licenses?

Q11) Should we request for Licenses for ALM/PC/LR/Shunra after the Upgrade?

Q12) Will the old scripts present in PC 11.00/QTP 11.00 getexecuted on PC 11.50/52 OR do we need to upgrade all the 11.0 scripts to 11.50/52?

Q13) Should we use any upgrade tools like QTP Asset Upgrade Tool for Upgrading Scripts from One Version to another?

Q14) Which Patch Level # is most efficient/recommended by vendor for PC 11.50 and PC 11.52?

Q15) Important Question: How will the integration work between Shunra and PC 11.50/52? Which is the vendor tested  version of Shunra support PC 11.50/52?

Q16) Should we upgrade IE on client / server or is it not needed ; currently we are on IE9?

Q17) After Upgrade should we inform users to install any pre-requisites before accessing this new 11.50/11.52 release URL ?

Q18) Is there a mechanism where we can load all the client side perquisites in one location of PC site, so that all users can download from that location onto their client machines by accessing PC application?

Q19) Please let me know the exact software's and software patches which we have to install on the below

1) PC Application Servers

2) Performance Center Hosts

3) MI Listener/Sitescope Machine

4) Load Generator Machines


Please share your valuable thoughts from your past experiences on this version upgrade.


Your help/guidance is appreciated.


Please let me know if a support case should be raised for referencing all the above questions.





  • Hi Srihari,


    Q1. 11.5 is the latest major release, after that you can go patch 11.52.1


    Q2.  They are both stable, improvements made on 11.52 we would always request for customers to move up to 11.52.


    Q3. 11.52 has a patch 1, a list of fixes and improvements are found here:


    Q4. Issues have been addressed in later patch releases.


    Q5. As mentioned a list of fixes are in the link provided before.


    Q6. You have to follow the steps in the migration guide found in the migration tool,


    Q7. If challenges arise you can open a ticket with support, there are considerations that you need to take, do refer to the migration guide.


    Q8. You do need to install the correct versions of ALM which is 11.52 that will match with PC 11.52


    Q9. You have to request it by opening a ticket with electronic software support they will provide download links for the requested software.


    Q10. It will affect your licenses, as license schemes are different in these versions, it will require for a new license to be generated for this version. You will have to open a ticket with licensing.


    Q11. Yes.


    Q12. Vugen Scripts are forward compatible, so they should work, but if issues do appear you can report them we can try and help out or open a ticket with support. For QTP scripts you would need to check with Functional Testing team.


    Q13.  For QTP questions you would have to check with Functional Testing team.


    Q14.  Patch level 11.52.1


    Q15.  Shunra NV 8.6


    Q16.  Not necessary.


    Q17. Users who access the ALM link will be prompted to install the needed software.


    Q18.  The ALM client is installed the same way it is in 11.


    Q19. For sitescope see here:

    For PC Server and Hosts you would need 11.52.1 found here:

    and for ALM it would require 11.52.




    Mario M.


  • Thank you Mario for your valuable inputs to my questions.

    I will take these points to our business notice.


    What will be the best process to follow if there is NO Dev or Test environments to perform a dry upgrade and foresee the issues?





  • Hello
    A testing environment is suposed to be only for you to try, run the configuration, get issues, resolve the issues and get some experience on this, so you are ready to overcome any possible problem you might face while creating the production environment, so this can be based on virtual machines and it doesn't really need to be as big as your production environment is expected to be, 3 or 4 virtual machines are good enough to play with it and learn from it.

    hope this clarifies
  • Thank you Mario and Editus for your inputs.


  • Sorry to churn up an old thread, but I had a question surrounding the specific knowledge doc referring to the migration tool.


    In the migration tool description it says to ONLY use for migrating PC 9.5x to 11.5x.  Since you linked to it in this thread (11 to 11.52) I'm assuming it works, but you know what happens when we assume.




    Just wanting to make sure we have all our ducks in a row too before we make this jump.

  • mIgration tool is one time tool , used tp upgradec from PC9.51/PC9.52 to ALM/PC11,ALM/PC11.5 and ALM/PC11.52. From PC11 to PC11.50, PC11.52 you need to upgrade your project via Site Admin with the ALM upgrade process (LAB_MANAGEMENT upgrade first and verify repair upgrade and activate for all projects per project or per domain)
  • Thanks for your reply. 


    It sounds like we're going to skip 11.5 and go straight to 12 now due to IE11 support.


    This will be fun.  :)