PC12.50 scheduled test - Run test failed. 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Hi all,

I am pretty new to PC. The past few working days I have been working on the installation of HP ALM Performance Center Edition V12.50.

To get the product to now, I created a simple Loadrunner webscript in which I perform some calls to a webservice.
I created a test in PC, with this script, and this test runs fine as long as I trigger it manually through Test Management -> Test Lab, select my test and press "Run Test".
This creates a AdhocRun in PC, see in attached screenshot "AdhocRun_2015_12_07 10:22:32" with a state of Finished

But when I try to schedule the test, to run it automatically, it always fails.
See the attached screenshot, "AutoStartRun_2015_12_07 10:45:55", state Run Failure.

When looking at the Event Log of that test, it states: "Run test failed. Reason: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'"

I have been looking at:
- PC System Health @ HP ALM, everything is OK;
- looking in logfiles on the ALM server: <installdir>\ProgramData\HP\ALM\log, I can not find entries about this issue;
- looking in the database, I do not know where to look, so much tables...

Bottomline: Why doesn't the test run scheduled through a timeslot?

Anny help appreciated and thanks in advance.

  • Verified Answer

    I solved it myself.
    The reason why this behaviour occurs is because I did not check-in the test under Test Management -> Testplan -> Edit Test.

    If the test is not checked-in you can run it manually.
    Checking the test in helped me to run the test scheduled in a timeslot.