How to stop Controller going to non operational status PC 12.55

we have new PC servers (PC Hosts) that were built (windows server 2016). we also have some older hosts which we are using for load tests. older hosts (controller, LG's,DP) work seamlessly. the new controller is frequently going to non operational mode. i have checked all the settings and they are matching with older controllers (windows server 2008/2012). not sure what is causing this to happen. 

Every time we try to launch the perf test using new controller it fails for controller not getting launched (wlrun.exe) error. 

we are using PC v12.55. 

  • Hello

    For this issue make sure that you review the following:

    Check anti virus and make exception for the whole installation folder

    Check that the following services are up and running.

    Data colection
    Performance load testing
    Remote management
    Performance Agent

    Make sure that the ports listed on page 15 of the document below are open and available for communication:

    Hope this information helps!

  • Hi Vinay,

    If wlrun.exe crashes, you should see this in the Event Viewer logs.

    Send us the LTOPsvc logs from Controller. 

    Also collect a dump for wlrun.exe while running a test. 

    1) Download procdump from
    2) Extract to PC Host machine
    3) Execute cmd
    4) Execute procdump from cmd shell using the following command:

    procdump -ma -e -w Wlrun.exe

    5) Execute the test
    6) Crash dump will be saved in the procdump folder

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    I too often face this issue while running performance test in CI pipeline through Jenkins. The Controller going Non-Operational aborts the scheduled CI test runs.

    There are couple of solutions I have worked on to overcome the issue:

    1) Many time I noticed that there is already a Controller Process running on machine though no tests being running. 

    I saw it in Task Manager but Performance Center show no run.

    Killing this orphan controller process helped


    2) I wrote a Task Scheduler which restart my Controller machine every morning after checking if any test is running or not


    3) Create a Utility using Performance Center API to Reconfigure Host. (you can combine this with Reboot Machine Reconfigure Host)