PC 12.56 and the new "TruClient Browser?" ...

I see the new TruClient Browser exists in PC 12.56. I read that it's based on Firefox.

But what is the intent of it? What does it buy us as testers/users? What's different or new?

Hoping someone from MicroFocus can jump in here (Shlomi? :) )?



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    Hi Chris,

    TruClient browser is based on Firefox. It introduces support in a much more updated version of Firefox (55.0.3) comparing to the Firefox version (40.0.3) delivered in 12.55 and which still exist in 12.56.

    Mozilla have changed Firefox architecture completely and made it much closer to Chromium/Chrome architecture. That caused also a HUGE change in the browser extensions model which forced TruClient R&D to align. 12.56 introduces this alignment. Since TruClient R&D was forced to make changes in the browser code (small ones, but still changes) we were forced. legally, to modify the browser name and not call it Firefox. 

    What's in it for testers? support in a newer version of Firefox. Some modern applications do not render well on older version of Firefox, hence cannot be tested. Also, performance validation on top of a more updated version of the browser bette represent the end user experience.

    Why did we keep both TruClient Browser and Firefox? the new architectrure of Firefox introduces larger footprint of the browser. It consumes more memory than the previous architecture. Regardless to TruClient extension. TruClient R&D wanted to allow our customers running their scripts on the older Firefox version as it is more scalable.

    Hope it clarifies things a bit.