HP ALM PC 12.55 - Installation failed while setting up ALM PC instance on Windows 2016 server.


We are trying to setup ALM PC Server instance v 12.55 on windows 2016 server using MS SQL database.

After providing required details, we are getting only message 'Installation failed".

Also no logs are getting generated. Attaching screenshot for reference.

Kindly help.



  • Hi,

    Please review the following paths for the logs:

    Installation Log Path



    <ALM Repository path>\Sa\Admin\Maintenance Data\Out\SA_DOMAIN\SA_PROJECT\


    Additionally to that I am attaching a file for you to review the permissions of the users, please confirm these permissions on the database.


    If the issue persists please open a ticket with support so that we can look directly into the issue and help you with this inconvenience.