Retrive correlated values

How can we store/ retrive correlated value while creating new account in HP performance center and can we write these values into a file? Please reply asap

  • Hi

    I think that you need to describe more what you are trying to do.

    Are you trying to performace test  Performance Center, and creating users there?


    If you have a value correlated or not, and want to write it to a file, then just open a file and write to it.

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  • Hi Anup,

    Yes we can write the correlated values into the file using following code (using file operations)

    Let us consider that {c_CorrelationId} is the dynamic value already correlated in the some of the requests

    We have to take that particular {c_CorrelationId} (which is dynamic value of the script) into file function as shown below (need to place the function after capturing the dynamic value)

     writeCaseIdFile(lr_eval_string(“{c_ CorrelationId}”)); //called function

     Need to pass a parameter to the file to write into the file ( need to write this file operation in global.h):

    Void writeCaseIdFile(char *CorrelationId) //calling the function


    Long file_stream;

    Char *filename=”c:\\FileCapture.txt”;

    //open the file with read access

    If((file_stream=fopen(filename,”a ”))==NULL)


    lr_error_message(“cannot open file %s”,filename);



    //close the filestream


    lr_error_message(“Error occurred while closing file %s”,filename);


    #end if

    Note: This will help you to solve the requirement.


    Surya Kosuri