Using AWS Boxes for PC set-up

Hi All,

Apologize if the question is totally irrelevant as I am in the process of just undertsanding the feasibility of a solution that is only logically thought about.

We have the HP ALM Server and HP Performance Centre Server Related components installed and available on-premise.

However, we cannot use the LGs that are on-premise to Load Test applications that are not hosted in the Data Centres on premise.

One option that is being explored is

- To set up server class machines on AWS

- Create VPN tunnels between the regions and the servers on-premise.

- One of the AWS machines will be used as the Controller with the rest as LGs,

- Establish connectivity between the Controller / LGs to PC Server / ALM Server as applicable

Will this solution work or is there any pitfall in this?

  • Hi


    The solution you raised is feasble but if it is possible from AWS to access your data center (after VPN and FW rules), I'd just setup the LG's there and keep using the on-premise machines you have to run the tests. no need to setup another controller in the AWS.

    Hope this helps,