Availability & Reliability Testing

Hi All,

Please explain me what is Availability & Reliability Testing is? though the name says server / system should be available for x days / y months etc

1. What is the role of performance engineer in certifying that the system is available for x / y months?

2. What are the parameters considered to achieve this sort of testing?

3. What sort of performance testing is carried out to achieve in certifying the availability ?

  • Reliability testing is like you said to see if a system can perform optimally for x days/y months. The process to do this varies from organisation to organisation. The general method of doing this would be to run the load test for 24 hrs non-stop or 48-hrs non-stop or any other time that is fesable as per your requirements but the duration of the test needs to be long atleast more than an hour to term it as a "reliabily test".

    The methodology to certify the test will also vary as per your requirements. Few people focus on the failure rate, few on the response time or on the hits per second or on the cpu/memory utiization. So you would be the best judge to find out an optimal certification parameter for your load test.

    Prashanth Thimmavajjala