We have found that when running TruClient tests in PC 12.57 (and earlier), we have to run them on LG’s that are configured as run as a Local Account vs Run as Service. The impact is that when an LG is bounced (i.e. IT applies updates which can come at any time – sometimes without notice), the LG will no longer work. We have certain LG’s dedicated to TruClient for this reason. Those LG’s must then be logged into Windows using an Associate (not a Contractor – due to our security rules) Active Directory account, prior to running a test. This severely impacts our testing ability as half of our team are Contractors. There are several machines – someone has to stop what they are doing and RDP into each machine which takes time.
 Suggested Solution: We need a patch that allows us to run TruClient tests on LG’s installed to Run as Service.
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    I would like to let you know that the Agent service will not be able to run GUI scripts (such as TruClient, Citrix, SAPGUI, etc.). This is due to the constraints that the operating system puts on services when they run. The Agent process does not have such limitations. It is only limited by the permissions of the user who is logged in.

    You could check the above information in the following KM:

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