Virtual Users VS. Logged In Users


I am running a performance test using LoadRunner and am interested to know if there is any difference between setting 1000 virtual users (using 1 login credentials) vs setting 1000 virtual users (using 1000 login credentials).

Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Aaron,

    From LoadRunner point of view the main difference will be the setup of parameters data and distribution strategy to Vusers.
    From Application Under Test (AUT) perspective it really depends on the application
    > Some applications deny access of the same user more than once and you must use distinct logins
    > Some application cache data in the user level, hence it might impact the application state and as a result impact script as well
    > The most important point you need to check is whether application cache and database cache are going to be utilized in the same way as if distinct users have been used. 

    To be on the safe side it is better simulating distinct Vusers. I suggest making this call after understanding how the application behaves.