HP ALM Performance Center 11.52 and Jenkins Integration Issues (HP Application Automation Tools)



I am using the HP Application Automation Tools  to connect Jenkins to our ALM Performance Center 11.52 server. The build fails in Jenkins with the following error - 


Started by user 
Building in workspace C:\Users\.jenkins\workspace\Simulated Day Test
[Simulated Day Test] $ "C:\Users\.jenkins\workspace\Simulated Day Test\HpToolsLauncher.exe" -paramfile props25032014161817184.txt
Timeout is set to: 500
Run mode is set to: RUN_LOCAL
The OTA version is not compatible with the current version of the Application Lifecycle Management server: http://myservername:8080/qcbin/wcomsrv.dll.
OTA version: 11.52, OTA build number: 341. Server version: 11.52, server build number: 444.
Error: Cannot Login to QC: Authorization failed.
Build step 'Execute HP tests from HP ALM' changed build result to FAILURE
Finished: FAILURE

I even followed the instructions in the FORUM and deleted my Client Installation before re installing with Admin rights on IE. Its Still fails.

Any help would be highly appreciated!!