Difference between Raw data and Analysis Summary Data


I am trying to understand what the raw data is and if and how it is used to generate the data on the final Analysis Summary report. For my scripts, I see that the numbers in raw data are huge compared to the numbers in the final Analysis Summary report.



  • Hi,

    Can you please explain which raw data you refer to?

    Screenshot will better explain what you would like us to help with



  • Hi ,

    Raw Data will contain the all the details with error meesages , vuser id details and complete end to end performance test details which we conduct for our applications , but it is useful  to track any issues in vuserid level or error messages for identifying the issue in application. So mostly Raw Data which is heavy stored details for debugging the application level errors can be used on the situation basis but regularly we wont bother about this Raw Data.

    Generally for any performance test or load test in Perfroamance center there is any option to collate the results , before collating the results it will show the Raw results which is not analyzed properly for loading the complete deatils .

                So if we collate the results properly then it will show the Analyzed Results which contains all the Graphs and detailed summary report for the corresponding performance test which has conducted. So it is always good practice to share the Analyzed results across the project teams.