Page expired only during replay

Protocol: HTTP/HTML


I am getting "page expired" when I click on a particular link after login to the application and this is happening only during replay. I did all correlations and there is nothing that I am missing.


I recorded all different protocols too, like AJAX, True client and also used different options recording with HTML and also URL, but couldn't replay back successfully. Even I recorded using multi protocols also, but no luck.


Appriciate if you can guide me with any options in case if I missed.



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  • May I know which version of LoadRunner do you have?  Version: 12.01


    On the other hand, does your application use certificate?    : NO


    Please try adding a wait or think time before the step of that particular window. 

    All these options have been done before positing here.



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    Sure, I will do as soon as I get a solution from anyone.

    Which browser version are you using?


    This error could indicates that the page download timeout limit has been exceeded. To specify a different limit value, do the following:


    Go to Run-Time settings,


    Go to Internet Protocol -> Preferences and select the "Options" button,


    Change the "Step DownLoad Timeout (secs)" from the default value of 120 seconds to the desired value.




  • Please replay the script using extended logs and all 3 options marked, then share the script.